Healthy care at all levels

The Smilist™ was born from a sincere desire to offer
products that don't lie, with the most transparency
more total, ultra-healthy for our smile, for our
body, but also for the planet.

But let's go beyond words. We consider a product
is “healthy” when it is so at all levels.
Our entire range, from formulation to distribution,
has therefore been thought out, thought out and created around respect
of our smile and the preservation of our environment.

A large-scale feel good attitude!

Green packaging

Our cases are recyclable and made from recycled materials. We use eco-friendly alternatives to petrochemical-based products with soy and water-based inks.

  • THE TOOTHPASTE TUBE is made of aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material.
  • THE POCKET that protects our toothbrush is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), biodegradable and recyclable.
    This durable material has the advantage of not undergoing deformation at extreme temperatures during manufacture, unlike conventional plastic.
  • Finally, THE BOTTLE of our serum is made of recyclable glass.

Sleek, organic-certified formulas

For the good health of your smile and your body, we have chosen natural active ingredients known for their benefits and from sustainable agriculture. We have purified our formulations of any suspicious or controversial ingredient, to keep only those that are effective and without toxicity, which guarantee good health in the broad sense. We want to go even further in our approach and have also banned from our charter ingredients that are harmful to the environment, such as PEGs or mineral oils.

Our formulations are 100% natural. We are ECOCERT organic certified.

In accordance with European regulations, our products are not tested on animals. They also do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

100% French manufacturing

We imagined, thought
and created our entire
range in France.

Our studio : Paris
The wording : Paris
Manufacturing : Meurthe-et-Moselle

Smile to the future

At the moment, it is less easy to be confident in the future, but our optimism resists all the bad waves. It is now that we must find or rediscover the strength to believe in tomorrow and perhaps above all to act for a better future than the one we are predicted.

On its own scale, The Smilist™ is sowing the seeds of a future where we can breathe better, by forging a partnership with the association Trees for the Future. Thus, for each The Smilist™ treatment purchased, a new tree will be planted by the NGO.

This initiative makes it possible to sustainably cultivate the land and fight against deforestation while improving the living conditions of the families involved locally. Do not hesitate to discover the association in more detail on trees.org.

1 purchase = 1 tree planted