Our 0% list:

For all The Smilist™ treatments, we banish these ingredients
controversial in the name of your health.

0% triclosan, silica, fluorine, peroxide,
Parabens, MIT, Mineral oils,
Phenoxyethanol, Lauryl Sulfates, Phthalates,
Benzophenones, BHA, BHT disruptors
endocrine, Nanoparticles, PEG, EDTA,
formaldehydes, titanium dioxide, dye
synthetic, butylene glycol, ingredients
of animal origin...

Our 100% list:

For all The Smilist™ treatments, we use only original ingredients
natural both for the active ingredients and for the structuring ingredients of the formula:

  • Aloe vera powder and vegetable glycerin with moisturizing properties

  • Acacia gum with protective and film-forming properties

  • Prebiotics from beets, wheat and corn

  • Patented solidagomicrobiotic flower extract

  • Enzymes from fermented pomegranate known for its powerful antioxidant properties

  • Vegetable hyaluronic acid from wheat with regenerating properties

  • Whitening mineral of natural origin with remineralizing and whitening properties